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The Tejo Conference series is held in cooperation with Lusíada University in Portugal. With each new iteration, the Tejo conference aims to examine a unique dimension of international security questions.


Tejo Series Conference 2017: Maritime Security

Lusíada University, Lisbon

The maritime domain is vital to the security, stability, and prosperity of the entire world. Oceans serve as a superhighway to transport goods, raw materials and energy supplies between producers and consumers across the globe. In addition, the maritime domain is increasingly important as an arena for resource extraction. However, there are increasingly threats to the security of the sea lanes and which can negatively impact the international community as a whole.

This conference gathered an array of international experts from a wide variety of disciplines who shared their expertise with conference participants.  The conference was composed of two panels: one dedicated to understanding the opportunities posed by a globalized world connected by ocean, and the second to identify focal points, main challenges and root causes of maritime (in) security.

For more information on the program please visit: http://www.lis.ulusiada.pt/pt-pt/eventos/internationalconferencemaritimesecurity.aspx

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