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The Tejo Conference series is held in cooperation with Lusíada University in Portugal. With each new iteration, the Tejo conference aims to examine a unique dimension of international security questions.


Tejo Series Conference: European Union Global Strategy and CSDP Missions. New Threats? New Challenges?

Lusíada Research Centre for International Policy and Security, Lusíada University, Lisbon

The European Union Global Strategy document was presented in 2016. What is the current status of the situation? Are the CSDP Missions evolving? How could the EU tackle the new threats and challenges in its Eastern and Southern flanks?

This conference approached these questions with a distinguished group of experts.  

For more information on the program please visit: http://www.lis.ulusiada.pt/pt-pt/eventos/internationalconferenceeuropeanunionglobalstrategyandcsdpmissions.aspx

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