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The European Public Policy Conference (EPPC) is a unique initiative that empowers public policy students to take the leading role in shaping the debates on critical European policy issues.

EPPC: Accelerating the acquisition of knowledge by empowering student leaders.

This fully student-run event is sponsored by the IPLI Foundation and organized by the students at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin.

Thanks to a highly interactive format, EPPC provides a unparalleled opportunity for future policy-makers to engage with prominent political leaders and experts to address the pressing challenges that Europe faces in the twenty-first century. Students are responsible for all aspects of the organization of this unique initiative. With each subsequent iteration of EPPC, students organizers are responsible for selecting the conference theme, choosing the speakers and selecting the country where EPPC is held.

The theme of the latest edition of EPPC was "Take the Next Exit? EU Policy Directions Between Integration and Fragmentation"

Given the current political difficulties European decision makers are facing, the 8th annual European Public Policy Conference (EPPC) focused on to what extent the current situation of the European Union (EU) is driven by different and sometimes contradictory perspectives on integration. Three key themes were examined at the conference: Social Europe, Fiscal Europe and Decision-making Europe.

For more information please visit the EPPC 2016 website.